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Checking future counterparties before entering into contracts

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Checking future counterparties before entering into contracts

No matter who your new counterparty is, a successful company that is well established in the market, or a newly established company, in order to avoid future breaches of the Agreement and minimize all risks associated with the conclusion of the Agreement, it is worth checking your future partner for tax, business and other law, debt, litigation, etc.

Currently, it will be sufficient to use some of the electronic resources available to each of us:

  1. Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Formations (https://usr.minjust.gov.ua/en/freesearch). In this register you can check whether the subject is in a state of termination, check the address, authority of the head of the legal entity, as well as, if necessary, find the EDRPOU code and other data.
  2.  Tax data (http://sfs.gov.ua/businesspartner). Here you can check your business partner for budget arrears.
  3. The Unified State Register of Judgments (http://reyestr.court.gov.ua/). In order to inquire about the existence of court decisions against a specific counterparty – a legal entity, it is necessary to enter the name of such business entity and to review the existing court decisions regarding it.
  4. Youcontrol website (https://youcontrol.com/dashboard/). Since 2017, YouControl has introduced an Open data tariff that allows you to obtain data from different registries (including the license registry and sanction registers). Anyone can find a dossier for any company in Ukraine. However, some features of the site are paid.
  5. Unified Register of Debtors (https://erb.minjust.gov.ua/#/search-debtors). This register provides information on existing payroll arrears / fines / alimony and other enforcement proceedings. It is possible to check both physical and legal persons. We hope that these online registries will be useful for you when choosing a contractor!