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Checking future counterparties before entering into contracts

No matter who your new counterparty is, a successful company that is well established in the market, or a newly established company, in order to avoid future breaches of the Agreement and minimize all risks associated with the conclusion of the Agreement, it is worth checking your future partner for tax, business and other law, debt, litigation, etc. Currently, it will be sufficient to use some of the electronic resources available to each of us: Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Formations (https://usr.minjust.gov.ua/en/freesearch). In this register you can check whether the subject is in a state of...


Photo and video shooting of people without their consent

I have prepared for you an interesting post about whether it is possible to take pictures of people without their personal consent or at public events, what regulates this issue and what is the responsibility for illegal photo, video shooting. Since the process of appropriate shooting can significantly violate certain personal non-proprietary rights, the Civil Code of Ukraine provides that people cannot be shot without their personal consent. However, it is not required if the shooting takes place at a certain public event (meeting, concert, conference, etc.); The consent of the individual may be expressed either in writing or orally,...


Medical secrecy

I think many people know that medical secrecy is an integral part of every person's privacy and is confidential, non-disclosable information. This post is about what kind of information is a medical secret, who is not allowed to divulge this information, in which cases a medical secret can be disclosed and what is the responsibility for the unlawful disclosure of medical secret. What information is a medical secret? - information about the disease and diagnosis, health status; - medical examination information and their results; - information of intimate and family character; - the fact of seeking medical help; - methods of treatment of the patient. Who can hold...